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Star Trek autographed pictures for sale. 7 months  ago
Probably what we need to do is go out and look for them inst... 7 months  ago
I get that. My personal opinion is that if churches can't st... 7 months  ago
Chances Of Life On Titan Get Boost With Discovery Of Vinyl C... 8 months  ago
I sort of see it the way, plus I never did get the environme... 8 months  ago
I've heard rumors that there are some states that have consi... 8 months  ago
I don't think there was a good choice in the last election e... 8 months  ago
Here's a question we should ask ourselves... how would be re... 8 months  ago
Yeah, it's exciting. Seriously, not all of the ventures you ... 8 months  ago
^^IamGroot does make a good point. I blistered some of the p... 9 months  ago
A friend of mine sent me a link to Kepler's discovery yester... 9 months  ago
It doesn't take a ton to get kids interested in space. It's ... 9 months  ago
The way I heard it, the American astronauts hated that chimp... 9 months  ago
The lesson we get out of your friend who died of a heart att... 10 months  ago
What I think is that the harsh environment of a space colony... 10 months  ago
I've always called Mars One a long shot. I think they undere... 10 months  ago
I've heard enough about million-dollar drug busts that I don... 10 months  ago
Mount Everest is pretty cool. I've heard the first guy who a... 10 months  ago
What I think is that space colonists will be the most aware ... 10 months  ago
Those are good questions. I would imagine that ties with Ear... 10 months  ago
This issue has been discussed to death in some space-oriente... 10 months  ago
^Rocket's right, and anyway, colonists might not want to spe... 10 months  ago
^^That's nuts, but I don't see this as being entirely the ER... 10 months  ago
I think they tried a shower in Skylab and they didn't like i... 10 months  ago
That makes sense. An orbiting colony would be like having a ... 10 months  ago
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