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I guess it just stings because I grew up in the church. And ... 4 months  ago
Christian churches closing at a rapid rate. 4 months  ago
I though so too. Job details here, plus send your resume if ... 5 months  ago
Is it really wrong to question human-caused climate change? 5 months  ago
Bitcoin and altcoins should be accepted at the DMV. 5 months  ago
I totally feel bad for that kid. All the adults are fighting... 5 months  ago
At first, I think they'll send only the people who are physi... 5 months  ago
I think that's a good thing. What a lot of people don't real... 5 months  ago
Hahaha, Rocket, I am Groooot! Seriously, though, even Austra... 5 months  ago
What I think is that if your best argument for your candidat... 5 months  ago
More realistic and less expensive! The expense, in my mind, ... 5 months  ago
Anonymous really embarrassed itself with its "aliens" announ... 5 months  ago
Uranus has a really weird magnetic field. 5 months  ago
Sounds to me like you really found a lot of unique uses for ... 5 months  ago
One thing I think would be good is if more kids were exposed... 6 months  ago
I think a lot about the philosophical aspect. Maybe we go, n... 6 months  ago
I've heard that a reasonable trip from Earth to Mars would t... 6 months  ago
Yours is going to launch on the Litecoin network. 6 months  ago
What would your ideal socioeconomic structure for a space co... 6 months  ago
I've always kind of thought that Mars One's primary success ... 6 months  ago
NASA Space Probe to Touch The Sun 6 months  ago
Somebody will inevitably argue that we'll just spread our ir... 7 months  ago
I wish there was an easy way to settle this. But what I thin... 7 months  ago
Interesting. I've always thought that the ones who don't see... 8 months  ago

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