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Prevention of over population could end up being a serious b... 9 months  ago
Re-using things 9 months  ago
It might get crowded on Mars 9 months  ago
Successful launch of used rocket 9 months  ago
SpaceX launches second rocket in 48 hours 9 months  ago
¬†And the ones who say that humanity shouldn't go into space ... 9 months  ago
There are people talking about making the human species immo... 9 months  ago
Some things that work and some things that don't work...To k... 9 months  ago
Why have we not found any aliens? 9 months  ago
More possible candidates:Computer technicians. You'd think t... 9 months  ago
That much was pretty realistic because a colony can suffer f... 9 months  ago
I can't wait to see how this unfolds, although we won't know... 9 months  ago
Another nice thing is to take them to a planetarium. I remem... 9 months  ago
Teaching children about space 9 months  ago
The vastness of space 9 months  ago
I think the reasons why someone would want to join a space c... 9 months  ago
I think I'll eat my shoes if the Mars One project really sen... 9 months  ago
I just wanted to update on this. The first part of June was ... 9 months  ago
Something else I thought about.. Maybe we want to find other... 9 months  ago
I had to look up segwit and do a little reading up on it. Cu... 9 months  ago
As with everything on the internet, sometimes I mistrust rec... 9 months  ago
Doomsday seed vault flood 9 months  ago
2018 is right around the corner, and this is very exciting n... 9 months  ago
I know someone who was in prison for some years, and he told... 9 months  ago
If only I were younger! I'd absolutely love to climb Mount E... 9 months  ago
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