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NASA isn't really looking for someone who can protect Earth ... 5 months  ago
I can see the point, Groot. And it doesn't help that environ... 5 months  ago
Not everybody has a yard that they can put a vegetable garde... 5 months  ago
Charlie Gard being denied care. Socialized medicine to blame... 5 months  ago
Just for the record, President Trump doesn't "rule" the USA ... 5 months  ago
^That could work, but if a space colony has chosen to cut al... 7 months  ago
^^Heirloom seeds are good. And the fun part is that you can ... 7 months  ago
There are people who would have you believe that the radiati... 7 months  ago
That would make sense, if only for the sake of proving out s... 7 months  ago
There's a lot of things that people eat that would actually ... 7 months  ago
Like Sparky, I think you should look out for scams. This is ... 7 months  ago
I heard astronauts have this problem, or at least they used ... 7 months  ago
Yeah...It's insane. This is why I think Medicare, Medicaid a... 7 months  ago
Yeah, I watched the live stream. The trolls in the chat thin... 7 months  ago
The big disadvantage with Bitcoin these days is that there s... 7 months  ago
I've been watching Virgin Galactic, but as far as private ve... 7 months  ago
I must admit that I like the idea of a separate penal colony... 7 months  ago
I think the Moon Landing happened. If it had been completely... 7 months  ago
I could live without TV. It's not essential to how I live my... 7 months  ago
Real cool video! I wonder why she canceled. I've heard of pe... 7 months  ago
Cryptocurrencies would probably have to be improved to accou... 7 months  ago
This is cool. I am pretty sure I saw the International Space... 7 months  ago
Challenger was bad. I think it spooked NASA real bad as far ... 7 months  ago
You mean you can't just start a cloud mining business, forge... 8 months  ago
The obvious answer here is that trillions of dollars have be... 8 months  ago
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