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NASA isn't really looking for someone who can protect Earth ... 8 months  ago
I can see the point, Groot. And it doesn't help that environ... 8 months  ago
Not everybody has a yard that they can put a vegetable garde... 8 months  ago
Charlie Gard being denied care. Socialized medicine to blame... 8 months  ago
Just for the record, President Trump doesn't "rule" the USA ... 8 months  ago
^That could work, but if a space colony has chosen to cut al... 10 months  ago
^^Heirloom seeds are good. And the fun part is that you can ... 10 months  ago
There are people who would have you believe that the radiati... 10 months  ago
That would make sense, if only for the sake of proving out s... 10 months  ago
There's a lot of things that people eat that would actually ... 10 months  ago
Like Sparky, I think you should look out for scams. This is ... 10 months  ago
I heard astronauts have this problem, or at least they used ... 10 months  ago
Yeah...It's insane. This is why I think Medicare, Medicaid a... 10 months  ago
Yeah, I watched the live stream. The trolls in the chat thin... 10 months  ago
The big disadvantage with Bitcoin these days is that there s... 10 months  ago
I've been watching Virgin Galactic, but as far as private ve... 10 months  ago
I must admit that I like the idea of a separate penal colony... 10 months  ago
I think the Moon Landing happened. If it had been completely... 10 months  ago
I could live without TV. It's not essential to how I live my... 10 months  ago
Real cool video! I wonder why she canceled. I've heard of pe... 10 months  ago
Cryptocurrencies would probably have to be improved to accou... 11 months  ago
This is cool. I am pretty sure I saw the International Space... 11 months  ago
Challenger was bad. I think it spooked NASA real bad as far ... 11 months  ago
You mean you can't just start a cloud mining business, forge... 11 months  ago
The obvious answer here is that trillions of dollars have be... 11 months  ago
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