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Plastic grocery bags. We have so many uses for them around t... 9 months  ago
We don't really know yet exactly how a prolonged stay on Mrs... 9 months  ago
6) Hang scarfs. You know, the square head scarfs. I learned ... 9 months  ago
Well here is an update. My friend had to trap the cat becaus... 9 months  ago
Gardening anyone? 9 months  ago
Pretty interesting post.Customers for your business... I've ... 9 months  ago
Who gets go to a space colony? 9 months  ago
Exactly how far away are we from space colonization? 9 months  ago
Ten more planets found that could have life 9 months  ago
I really think that this should be something that gets discu... 9 months  ago
I don't think the governments allow it. They don't make mone... 10 months  ago
Nice tips. I very rarely follow recipes, I just cook by feel... 10 months  ago
Regarding the cost, it is generally agreed upon that if we w... 10 months  ago
Selection of candidates for space colonization 10 months  ago
How about cabbages? Anything in the cabbage family does take... 10 months  ago
Birth in space 10 months  ago
Death in a space colony 10 months  ago
The fact that they ran low on energy doesn't worry me as muc... 10 months  ago
Ouch, that hits a nerve. I am a workaholic, and I have no li... 10 months  ago
Coincidence 10 months  ago
Animals in colonies 10 months  ago
Hehe I'll start it off :)- Are you male or female?Female- Do... 10 months  ago
How would a colony be built? 10 months  ago
Sometimes I think that living on the moon is more likely tha... 10 months  ago
The cost of medical care in America 10 months  ago
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