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Plastic grocery bags. We have so many uses for them around t... 6 months  ago
We don't really know yet exactly how a prolonged stay on Mrs... 6 months  ago
6) Hang scarfs. You know, the square head scarfs. I learned ... 6 months  ago
Well here is an update. My friend had to trap the cat becaus... 6 months  ago
Gardening anyone? 6 months  ago
Pretty interesting post.Customers for your business... I've ... 6 months  ago
Who gets go to a space colony? 6 months  ago
Exactly how far away are we from space colonization? 6 months  ago
Ten more planets found that could have life 6 months  ago
I really think that this should be something that gets discu... 6 months  ago
I don't think the governments allow it. They don't make mone... 7 months  ago
Nice tips. I very rarely follow recipes, I just cook by feel... 7 months  ago
Regarding the cost, it is generally agreed upon that if we w... 7 months  ago
Selection of candidates for space colonization 7 months  ago
How about cabbages? Anything in the cabbage family does take... 7 months  ago
Birth in space 7 months  ago
Death in a space colony 7 months  ago
The fact that they ran low on energy doesn't worry me as muc... 7 months  ago
Ouch, that hits a nerve. I am a workaholic, and I have no li... 7 months  ago
Coincidence 7 months  ago
Animals in colonies 7 months  ago
Hehe I'll start it off :)- Are you male or female?Female- Do... 7 months  ago
How would a colony be built? 7 months  ago
Sometimes I think that living on the moon is more likely tha... 7 months  ago
The cost of medical care in America 7 months  ago
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