Bitcoin and altcoins should be accepted at the DMV.  


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12/07/2017 9:57 pm  

This would be a great way to expose more people to cryptocurrencies, and DMVs should go for it because it's a convenient way to pay the DMV fees. Most cryptocurrencies have a transaction fee that the sender of a transaction pays, but it's usually less than the fee that gets tacked on when they use a credit card -- something that credit card companies put up with since the government tends to be such a big client and it's not like companies want to pay extra in taxes just because the government has to eat credit card fees. (Most people don't realize that places that accept credit cards have to pay a 2-3% transaction fee for the convenience of accepting credit cards.) If the DMV accepts Bitcoin and altcoins, this would be a pretty good boost for Bitcoin adoption.

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12/07/2017 10:04 pm  

I've heard rumors that there are some states that have considered accepting Bitcoin for things like the DMV, and of course some states (and nations) are friendlier toward Bitcoin than others. And of course one idea that has been floated is that some businesses could pay their taxes in Bitcoin, especially if Bitcoin or Blockchain applications are a huge part of their business model. Maybe if we get some Bitcoin supporters running for office at the state level, it could start happening.


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