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A very strange change was observed when human lived in space for about few months, the change was Increase in the height. In space the height is increased by almost 2 inches as compared to the original height, but why does it happen? A study shows that when living in a zero gravity environment like that in space, the Spine of the human body is stretched and when he/she leaves the space then for few months the change in height be observed. It is very interesting change and still, research is being carried out to know exact reasons of the change.

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10/05/2017 7:22 am  

The height is not the only  thing related to the body that changes. NASA is lucky to have the twins Scott and Mark Kelly because they are perfect for research.

One of the brothers was in space for about a year while the other stayed on earth. Subsequently, many physical tests were done.

Going into space isn't all glamour. It is physically demanding, and more.
For example, astronauts  who live in the space station are exposed to far more radiation than they would be on earth. I believe it's 10% more. This increases their risk to get cancer later on in life.
Also well known is that the immune system weakens when you're in space for too long. Additionally,  the bones lose minerals, and density with about 1% per month. Imagine what a year in space does... 12 months!

Nearly 80% of astronauts suffer from space motion sickness.
Astronauts can also have a deterioration of their vision (the near-vision, that is)

There is still much to be studied about how space travel affects the body. While the Kelly brothers are perfect for that purpose because they are identical twins, they are only just two people. You can't base a study on just 2 people.


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