Is Earth making the moon livable for humans  


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According to the latest findings, our planet has been sending Oxygen to lunar Surface of the moon. Every day, a small amount of air escapes into space. Now what I think here is that is it really possible to live on the moon? Does this will make any change in the fact that we humans can’t live on the moon. I think it’s not possible for a human to live on the moon or in outer space without spending too much money. Though there is some quantity of water on moon but it’s not that much for us to live there.

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Sometimes I think that living on the moon is more likely than living on Mars. Even though not too many people have set foot on the moon, we already know a lot about it. Its rock formation for example, is fairly similar to earth.

But, there are obstacles, just like on Mars.

A moon day lasts 14 earth days and is super hot (about 253 degrees Fahrenheit, or 123 degrees Celsius.
The night on the moon lasts the same amount of time as a moon day, but it is extremely cold, about minus 387 degrees Fahrenheit, that is minus 233 degrees Celsius.

Near the poles, however, the temperatures aren't really that extreme at all.

One disadvantage of living on the moon would be the quakes. Just like the earth has earth quakes, the moon has moon quakes. They can last for hours and measure as much as 5.5 on the Richter scale. This would be a huge problem, I think. It could destroy a settlement and everyone in it.

It has been said that a settlement on the moon could be set up for as "little" as ten billion dollars.
Problems would be oxygen, and especially solar radiation. An astronaut without a suit for example, would only be able to survive 15 minutes. But in the end, we have to stop thinking in terms of living the way we know it. People have been living in space for years on the International Space Station, so yeah I think that living anywhere, including on the moon, is very well possible. There would just be a number of obstacles to overcome.


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