Doomsday seed vault flood  


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18/06/2017 5:02 am  

Just recently, in May 2017 there was some flooding at the entrance tunnel of the doomsday seed vault. No seeds were harmed. The flooding happened "due to technical issues".

Until I read that news, I have to admit that I had never heard of the doomsday seed vault. For others who have never heard of it, here is a little explanation.

The seed vault is located in Norway, and was funded by the Norwegian government. The construction cost was $9 million. Construction started in 2006. Its goal is preservation of a very wide variety of plant species and its location as well as the way it is constructed, provide a low temperature at all times.

The seeds are stored in three-ply foil packages which are stored in plastic tote containers, placed on shelves made of metal at a temperature of - 0.4 Fahrenheit. This low temperature delays the aging of the seeds process considerably.

A total of 4.5 million seed samples can be stored there. Each sample has 500 seeds. Pretty cool! I really had never heard of this, and I'm glad to know that this exists.  You just never know what we might need it for in the distant future.



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