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02/05/2017 7:45 pm  

Have you ever noticed a wine lover? A cocaine taker? Something is common in them is the sensed failure, and are called as drugs. Drugs are the things that lose the sensing ability and make a human unfamiliar with the changes. The drug users are mostly those persons that were initially little depressed but when they took the drugs regularly they've become depressed every time. So it is not good to take drugs. But why the governments allow the drug flow??

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21/05/2017 6:38 am  

I don't think the governments allow it. They don't make money off of it as far as I am aware. You regularly hear about drug busts and drug dealers going to jail for a very long time.  The whole drug world is so messed up, and I don't understand why it's so difficult to just lock up all the dealers. Get it over with and make the world drug free. I'm dreaming, I know.

You're right about the depression, I've seen it in former friends who did coke. I've seen too much, really. Families ripped apart, business going under, kids suffering, broken friendships, broken promises, lying, cheating, stealing to get their hands on their next coke fix.

Drugs can really destroy someone's life, and in all cases, the immediate family suffers the most.
I had a friend, years ago, who had a good business, 2 wonderful kids, and a loving, hard working wife. Everything went great until he got addicted to coke. He lost his business, and his wife ended up divorcing him. It's terribly sad that everything a person has worked for can disappear in no time when drugs come into play.
They say that a person can literally become addicted to coke after trying it for the first time, and they'll want more and more... That is one of many reasons why I've never touched drugs.

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06/06/2017 10:54 pm  

I've heard enough about million-dollar drug busts that I don't think the government really allows it. Drug cartels still do it because it means big bucks if they can get those multi-million-dollar shipments through. The flip side of that being that the cartels can't really complain if government agencies destroy a tunnel that the cartel spent a lot of money on and are using to smuggle cocaine. It's the whole risk/reward thing. "The greater the risk, the higher the reward."

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18/06/2017 3:10 am  

I know someone who was in prison for some years, and he told me there are many drug dealers in prison.

Drugs kill people and destroy a lot. For the government to allow it, that would be unethical at best.
I think that eventually, smoking will be against the law as well, and cigarettes will be considered among the hard drugs like coke and heroin.

It's already nearly impossible to smoke in most places, even in some parks, and in parking lots of certain stores. No smoking allowed anymore in many places where they used to allow smoking. Even a bar is now smoke free. Give it some time, and smoking will be considered against the law. Whether I would agree with that or not, I don't know for sure, I'm definitely on the fence about it (oh,  and I smoke)


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