Mount Everest  


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22/05/2017 5:27 am  

A 50 year old guy from Alabama dies on the Mount Everest today. He is one of several to die on the Mount Everest this season.
Did you know that no less than 292 people have tried climbing the Mount Everest?

The most deaths occur due to avalanches and there is not much you can do about that! Other causes of death are falls, exposure, ice collapses, and also health issues because of the altitude.

For a climber, the Mount Everest is the ultimate challenge, but everyone knows the dangers. Some bodies are frozen in place and have been there for years.
In April 2015, 19 people were killed on the mountain in an avalanche, this was the deadliest day in the history of Mount Everest.

There are many dead bodies at the top of the mountain, but there is also a lot of trash, empty oxygen cans, etc... I recently read an article that said climbers are now required to bring a certain amount of trash down from the mountain when they climb it. Let's hope the mountain gets cleaned up that way eventually.

I've always been fascinated with Mount Everest, ever since I can remember. Not sure why.

Anyone else?

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06/06/2017 10:47 pm  

Mount Everest is pretty cool. I've heard the first guy who actually climbed Mount Everest to the summit for the first time and came back alive was asked why he'd done it, and he said something to the effect of, "Because it is there." Referring to the fact that it is human nature to take on a challenge, simply because the challenge exists. (A lot of drunk guys take a dare and wind up taking a pratful because of that, but at least climbing Mount Everest is a whole lot more awesome.)

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17/06/2017 8:17 am  

If only I were younger! I'd absolutely love to climb Mount Everest, that would be such a challenge. I hugely admire people who take on that monster.

It's definitely a risk, because you don't have control over avalanches or earthquakes, but there are so many other things in life that are risky and even the things that aren't considered risky can kill you.

Probably the most important thing is practice and being in good shape. You can't just go climb Mount Everest without making sure you can actually handle it physically.
It would have been more exciting many years ago when there was less trash on the mountain... and less frozen bodies ?

Either way, it's a dream, and it will always be just a dream because it's way too expensive. I believe a climbing pass costs $11,000 and that is not counting your equipment, food, travel expenses to get there, and so much more. I'd like to find out how much the average climber spends to climb there.

I read somewhere that the youngest person to climb Mount Everest was 13 years old. If I had kids, I don't think I'd let my 13 year old go for a climb like that.

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