Is it really wrong to question human-caused climate change?  


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03/08/2017 3:47 pm  

There are those who make the case that scientists and policymakers overestimate the impact that humans have on Earth's climate. Models that overstate human impact or underestimate other natural factors tend to be wildly inaccurate. I'm not making this up; climate models became more accurate when scientists added the impact of volcanic eruptions to their models! I am aware that people will say that if humans are a factor, we should do something about it; and right now, I don't feel like arguing about that much. Sure, we could meet the demand for energy by developing energy sources other than oil and coal. I just have objections when environmentalists say that their goal is to reduce the human population to the 1900 level (1.6 billion humans) because they're basically advocating genocide. Which 1.6 billion humans should we save?

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I sort of see it the way, plus I never did get the environmentalists who expect every individual to be Hercules and save the planet on his/her own. I recycle as much as I can and buy things with as little packaging as possible (fresh, unpackaged veggies instead of canned, for instance), but I also know that my impact is limited. It has to be worse for people who have it worse off than me and have to choose between poaching a rare hardwood tree and watching their families starve. (Yeah, I know the problem of poaching could be solved by eliminating the demand for hardwood floors and animal parts for medicine, but there's still the fact that people should not have to make that choice.)

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03/08/2017 5:04 pm  

I can see the point, Groot. And it doesn't help that environmentalists are full of contradictions. They hate coal and oil, but lately some of them have been trying to run a PR campaign against solar panels. They do want to make sure that all humans can be fed with available agricultural space and that much I can agree with, but why in the heck do they want to do it by committing genocide instead of encouraging more efficient methods of food production and distribution? They destroyed some scientist's development of a variety of sweet potato that can pack more nutritional value into each kilogram, for cripes sake! If it was me, I'd be encouraging and enabling more people to have vegetable gardens and chickens in their backyards instead of making them out to be evil for basically needing to eat.

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