Blockchain May Be King

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Cryptocurrencies are one piece of the puzzle when considering an interplanetary economy. The Blockchain could help with services that have traditionally been associated with the financial industry.

Blockchain In Space

Some Altcoins Might Have Useful Features

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While Bitcoin insiders often get upset when the existence of altcoins is mentioned, some of them do have features that could be useful for interplanetary trade.

Altcoins In Space

Bitcoin For Interplanetary Trade

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Centuries from now, interplanetary traders will want a medium of exchange that's portable and decentralized. Will that medium of exchange be a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin?

Bitcoin In Space

Where Do We Go From Here?

Human society is at a decision point. The two choices are to grow and expand, or collapse into chaos. Cryptocurrencies, the Blockchain and space colonization can be part of human expansion if they become allies.

Bitcoin Space

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Nexus Partners With BitSpace to Advance Blockchain Technology in Space

Scottsdale, Aug. 30, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —  Nexus, a cryptocurrency and blockchain enterprise is excited to announce its partnership with BitSpace, a technology company that specializes in blockchain and exponential technology. The partnership is focused on supporting decentralized internet access and associated opportunities for people throughout the world through the use of Nexus advanced blockchain technology, […]

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Blockchain and Aerospace: Natural Allies In The Fight To Prevent Disaster

Which way do you think global society is headed? Some people think that we can only go up from here. Others think that we’ll all wind up in a bad dystopian movie. There are a lot of people who think that we shouldn’t move forward until everybody is equal. It is fair to say that […]

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Blockchain May Become King Of Interplanetary Financial System

Experts believe that use of the Blockchain will skyrocket in 2017, the Blockchain will go mainstream by 2020, and the Blockchain sector could be worth $7.74 billion by 2024. Now that I have the attention of investors who want to know where to put their money, the Blockchain has been called the really interesting thing […]

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Altcoins May Have Useful Features For Interplanetary Trade

Is the existence of other cryptocurrencies a good or bad thing? It depends on who you ask if you go by some of the discussions on popular Bitcoin and cryptocurrency forums. Some cryptocurrency insiders arbitrarily dismiss all cryptocurrencies besides Bitcoin – called altcoins – as scams. To be fair, they may have been burned a […]

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The Technology Behind Bitcoin Will Be Useful For Interplanetary Trade

Interplanetary trade is going to become a thing in the coming centuries. Mining companies are going to be hauling loads of valuable ore mined in the asteroid belt. We’ll have trade between colonies. One thing that’s missing, though, is the fact that banks don’t exist on Mars. And of course some people would say, “Who […]

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Bitcoin and space. When both are decentralized, they are natural allies.