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10/05/2017 7:48 pm  

One day, many years ago, my neighbor came to my home, and he was crying his eyes out. I thought that something had happened to his wife. Between sobs, he said I wanted to tell you this in person so that you wouldn't have to hear it on accident from someone else. I thought uh-oh this is bad. Turned out, his cat had died. I stood there and thought huh? It's just a cat, what's the big deal?

A while later, I got a cat of my own. I lost her in 2013. She died of old age, she was 17. I cannot tell you the devastation this brought. I couldn't concentrate on work, couldn't talk about her, etc... To this day, I miss her and think of her every day. I think you need to be a pet owner to understand what it is like to lose a buddy.

We lost our 8 year old cat to feline leukemia a little over a month ago. We now have one cat left and I'm going back and forth between "never again because I can't handle it when they die", and "Maybe our remaining cat needs a friend". Not sure what to do yet.

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11/05/2017 12:25 am  

Yeah, I also think that people who've never had a pet can underestimate how emotionally attached people can get to their furbabies, especially when they can't have children or choose not to. If you do decide to get a friend for your one remaining cat, you might consider adopting from an animal shelter and choosing one that is good around other cats. Even then, make sure you supervise the "introduction" to make sure neither of them gets hurt.

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11/05/2017 5:52 am  

Yeah, that's where I'm mostly hesitating. A friend of mine has a neighbor who didn't take care of his cat. She had the cat fixed for him, and a few weeks later he moved and just left the cat wandering around in the area. Poor thing.

My friend is feeding the cat, and she (the cat) seems to get along with hers, but she wants to find a good home for it. I'm considering it, but I don't want to stress out our remaining cat because I'm pretty sure she got stressed after losing her little friend, they were always together.

For the stray cat it would be bad to come in a home and then having to leave again because there is no getting along. I really can't make up my mind.

Gosh I miss my baby 🙁 We were very fond of one another, and working from home, I was always around her. She was the sweetest thing. I had taken her to the vet a few months ago because she had a bad tooth. The vet never mentioned feline leukemia, and I had no idea that cats could get vaccinated for this. If only the vet had mentioned it, this  could have been prevented.

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23/06/2017 6:59 am  

Well here is an update. My friend had to trap the cat because she wouldn't come near people. I see that I posted the above about six weeks ago. Just two days ago, the cat finally got trapped and was brought over here.

I put her in the bedroom, separated from out other cat for now. I had given her a litter box, some food, and water, and left her in the bedroom for the rest of the evening, thinking I'll give her a few hours to get used to her surroundings.


When I went in the bedroom a few hours later to check on her, she immediately came running to me, started purring really loud, etc... She slept on my bed, curled up against me.
Same thing happened this past night which was her second night.

I'm quite nervous about introducing our other cat. They saw each other briefly when the cat was brought in with a pet carrier. Our cat hissed at her badly, and then ran out of the room. She's been pouting a bit since..

I'm going to keep the new cat in the bedroom for a week, and then I'll introduce them to one another. If anyone has experience with that, please let me know.


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