Exactly how far away are we from space colonization?  


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Exactly how far or how close are we to space colonization?

Let's take a look at Mars One's timeline: Initial estimated time of arrival to get a first colonists on Mars was 2023. Currently it is ETA is 2032. Whether this will ever happen or not on the Mars One's project is everyone's guess.

According to Stephen Hawking, space colonization won't happen until 100 years from now.

We have to face the fact that nobody is building a space settlement right at this moment, so it won't happen within a year, for sure. It would be like building a city, it takes time. The expression "Rome wasn't built in a day" has some merit.

The biggest drawback is funding. Building a space settlement would be a huge and extremely expensive project.  It costs about 30 million dollars to put a human into orbit for just a short time. This puts the cost of space colonization in perspective, imo.

So, when will it really happen you think? I hope to still be alive in 2032, and yet I don't think that space colonization will happen within my life time, or even within the life time of the generation that comes after me.



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