Who gets go to a space colony?  


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22/06/2017 6:46 am  

Sorry for making two posts in a row, I'm on a roll this evening 🙂

My question is, who decides who gets to go to a space colony?
I guess my first thought is "The one who has the money"

Possible candidates:
- Scientists, biologists: Those would be necessary in a space colony. You can't just select a number of people who know nothing about survival though biological and similar projects.
- Medical staff:  You'd definitely need someone with medical knowledge in case someone gets sick or gets injured.
- Rich people: We've already seen it, shuttles making room for individuals who have enough money to pay for the ride. I have no doubt that this will happen when space colonization comes to be as well.
- People with knowledge of construction: You'll need people to put the constructions up, and it needs to be done just right.
- Young people: I don't imagine an 80 year old going to live in a space colony. It's a terrible thing to say, but they'd not be able to contribute fully to the colony.
- Healthy people: I assume that people will need to have a medical exam done before being allowed in a space colony, to make sure they are healthy and in good shape.


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25/06/2017 2:48 am  

More possible candidates:

Computer technicians. You'd think that computer skills will be needed to communicate with the earth. knowing how to work a communications system wouldn't be good enough,  they will also need to know how to fix things when they break down.

People with sufficient knowledge of solar power, how to set it up, how to generate it.

Mechanics. People with mechanical skills will be needed to fix and maintain space vehicles.

Astronauts or people who are trained properly to manage space crafts.

Enthusiasts. Regardless of their skills, knowledge, etc.. Enthusiasts who are willing to work very hard and give it their everything to make a space colony work.

A writer. Believe it or not, I think that would be a good addition to a space colony. Someone who can write a detailed journal for people on earth to read and learn, maybe to make them enthusiastic about space colonies as well.

A farmer. Most farmers are very experienced with small animals, as well as growing crops. You'd need someone with a good amount of experience for either one, and a farmer might just be the right person.

Strange as it may sound, just one of each might be good, that way they won't argue over how things should be done 🙂


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