Ten more planets found that could have life  


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20/06/2017 7:44 am  

I am not sure if anyone saw that today.. NASA stated that the Kepler telescope has found 10 more planets in our solar system.
Those planets are said to be the right size and have the right temperature to sustain life. Whether there is really life on them or not, they do not know, but they don't exclude it.

The Kepler telescope has been searching for years, and has found a total of 49 planets in the Goldilocks zone. Given the size and distance of the newly discovered planets, scientists believe that there could be life out there, other than us.

Kepler has done a good job so far, considering that it has spotted no less than 4,000 possible planet candidates. Some of those (about a dozen) are in a zone where life could be possible.

in some strange way, I feel very excited about this news. Any potential encounter with life out there is an opportunity to discover many new things, maybe new techniques and very far advanced technology.

That said, it will probably take many years to act on the newest discoveries and it might not be during our life time.

One of the planets is called KOI7711 and apparently has the most chance of harboring life on it.

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20/06/2017 5:21 pm  

A friend of mine sent me a link to Kepler's discovery yesterday. It's real cool. If I wanted to be philosophical about it, I'd say that discovering life on distant planets would require the human species to reconsider its relationship with the universe. Right now humanity still has a very Earth-centric view of the cosmos. We measure the distance to other stars by their distance from Earth and never talk about the distance that these stars are from one another, for instance. And there are still many, many people who are convinced that the universe was created specifically for the benefit of the human species, especially them in particular. But now we're discovering that there are other planets that could harbor intelligent, nonhuman life and that's going to cause a shock to those kind of people when they realize that the universe doesn't exist purely for them.

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22/06/2017 5:43 am  

I can't wait to see how this unfolds, although we won't know tomorrow or next week.

In the end, it could be a downer though. Life doesn't necessarily mean human or human-like. When I think of like in the universe, I think of humans or beings that look like humans, but it could turn out different. Animals, plants, or even a form of life we're completely unfamiliar with.

Or, it could be that there are livable planets out there, and yet without life. One good thing about a planet like that could be a possible colonization. We could forget about the moon and mars and radiation, extreme temperatures, and what not.

Best case scenario: There are planets out there with conditions like earth. We make super fast space ships that would only need about a year to get there. Space colonization would be so much easier, and especially so much less expensive. All we'd need would be some packages of seeds, some gardening tools, and a few other things.

Can you imagine if we would find a planet where life is possible, where it would be mostly summer, and no insects? Gosh I'd go there in a heart beat, without a doubt.


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